The old-new promo of lelutka.
This is a sensational set of style combining with the essential fashion SL.

Also NEW is the Naturals Pack option for these three styles, so now you can mix it up a little with this 8 pack of natural shades based off the ones use for the Fades Natural Packs.
Keeley (non rigged) – This style is a full bodied medium length bob style, with thick heavy blunt bangs. This hairstyle has soft whispy pieces that feather around the style to give it a touch of movement. Keeley has a very avant garde feel to it, so will add an exciting look to many different outfit combinations.
Blake (rigged) – Long and luxurious this style frames the face with a beautiful centre part that cascades down in the front of the shoulders. Soft layered waves from mid shoulder length to your bottom, make this hair a must have for all long hair enthusiasts.
Lively (rigged) – The Lively hair takes the front pieces of hair and sweeps them back along the side of the head, until clasped at the back with a clip to give a half up/down look that is soft and incredibly feminine. Whether out and about, or spending the day in a tranquil setting this hair is just as lovely as it is lively.

Curiosity: Do u know Blake Lively?! Simple it is! These patterns of hair reminiscent of Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively). She is an American actress present in numerous films and TV shows (Gossip Girl, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The town ..). last month, she was married to Ryan Reynolds (9 September 2012)
Aurora Donner